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Teh Mutant Chat
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Below are the 13 most recent journal entries recorded in Teh Mutant Chat Community's LiveJournal:

Friday, September 22nd, 2006
9:35 pm
Get your e-mail addreses here!
I recently registered @MutantChat.com via AOL@My eAddress. If you want an @MutantChat.com e-mail address, respond with the e-mail address you want, and your current e-mail address and I'll set it up for you.
Wednesday, June 7th, 2006
1:53 pm
Hopeful thoughts are soon returning, can't put out my stomach my thoughts are burning

...Oh, fuck me, I still have my soda in the van.
Wednesday, May 17th, 2006
12:21 pm
MC Website!
The MC Website has partially launched!

Wednesday, May 10th, 2006
11:06 pm
Sunday, May 7th, 2006
1:15 pm
I need bios!
I still need those bios!
Friday, April 14th, 2006
11:52 pm
Mutant Chat: The Website
In late May/June I plan on launching Mutant Chat: The Website, but I need all of your help for the bio section.

I need you to e-mail me a 2 or 3 paragraph bio, your real name and a picture, if you want, and if possible, the approximate date of your MC Debut, a quote, your birthdate, and location. Also, if you want to, include the URLs of your MySpace, Xanga, LJ, etc and/or websites/message boards you run or work for.

Send them to:
Saturday, March 25th, 2006
2:27 pm
Friday, November 11th, 2005
11:04 pm
Where you's at?
Attention MC Members!

Identify your location here

Sunday, August 21st, 2005
4:50 am
You could help solve this case, we need a scalpel now, under white lights you lay
Ok, new game since it's five in the morning and I'm not asleep.

I post a journal with a song lyric as the title, you guys gotta figure out what it is from. There's no real point to this game, other then to just do something.
Thursday, July 28th, 2005
2:53 pm
Teh Mutant Chat Lives!
Vin Diesel defeated Maven's Dropkick with interference by Chuck Norris.
Thursday, July 21st, 2005
11:23 pm
Fate of the Mutant Chat?
This Tuesday Maven's Dropkick will be facing a mystery opponent. The fate of the mutant chat is on the line.
Wednesday, June 29th, 2005
1:18 pm
Monday, June 27th, 2005
7:35 pm
open on exterior, Itex Research Labortories ]

[ dissolve to interior, Bear Research Lab ]

Dr. Bosch: Good work today, Rhett.

Rhett: Thanks a lot, Dr. Bosch! Bye, Miss Torgostein!

Movy: Good night, Rhett!

Dr. Bosch: Good night, Rhett.

[ Rhett exits; Movy embraces Dr. Bosch ]

Movy: I've been wanting to touch you all day!

Dr. Bosch: Me too. But we have to be careful - my wife will find out.

Movy: Oh. Why don't you just divorce her?

Dr. Bosch: I told you, I can't! It's HER money that keeps me able to do my valuable research with bears!

Movy: I don't care!

Dr. Bosch: Movy.. you know how I feel about my bear research.

Movy: I know how important your bear research is for you - and the fight against the terrorists. But i'm tired of your wife preventing us from being together!

Dr. Bosch: But what can I do?

Movy: Kill her.

[ music sting ]

Movy: You take this gun, and shoot her!

Dr. Bosch: But we'll get caught!

Movy: Well, you just say that you thought she was a rival bearologist coming to steal your valuable bear data!

Dr. Bosch: I've told you a million times that won't work! [ thinking ] Wait a minute, wait a minute.. I could let the bear out of his cage, and then he could maul her.

Movy: Perfect!

Voice of Mrs. Bosch: Johnny! Are you in here?

Dr. Bosch: Aw man, there's my wife now. We'll be safe over here!

Movy: Okay!

[ they cower into the corner of the lab ]

Voice of Mrs. Bosch: Johnny Yong Bosch! Where are you?

Dr. Bosch: Uh.. Blanche, I'm in here, in my bear research lab!

[ Mrs. Bosch enters in neck brace, with a tray of tiny sandwiches ]

Mrs. Bosch: Johnny? Johnny? I brought some of these tiny sandwiches that you love!

[ Dr. Bosch thrusts open the bear cage ]

Dr. Bosch: Mr. Sticks! KILL her!

[ Bear runs out of cage, picks up gun from table, and shoots Mrs. Bosch to death. Bear then runs back into cage and tosses the smoking gun into Dr. Bosch's hands, as his cage shuts close. ]

Dr. Bosch: [ panicking at the turn of events ] No! Wait! No! NO!! WAIT!!

Movy: This is wonderful!

Dr. Bosch: No, it's NOT!! He SHOT her! MAN!! He was supposed to MAUL her!! MAN!!

Movy: How did you teach a bear to use a gun!

Dr. Bosch: I DIDN'T! He watches FAR too much TV!! BAD BEAR!! VERY BAD BEAR!!

[ Bear shrugs in cage ]

Movy: Don't yell at him!

Dr. Bosch: He shot her!

Movy: And?

Dr. Bosch: Don't you get it?! The cops are gonna blame me for this!

Movy: Why? Just tell them what happened.

Dr. Bosch: What? That a bear picked up a firearm and killed my rich wife?! They'll never believe it.

Movy: They will. Work it out, you'll see.

Dr. Bosch: I've gotta stay calm..

Movy: Stay calm.

Dr. Bosch: Luckily, no one heard the shots..

[ Rhett runs into the lab ]

Rhett: Dr. Bosch! I heard shots! [ spots the body on the ground ] Oh, my God!! Mrs. Bosch!!

Dr. Bosch: Yes.. my wife has been shot.. but, before you do anything --

Rhett: I called the cops!

[ music sting ]

Dr. Bosch: No!

[ Blue Centurion enters ]

BC: Alright, what's going on here? [ spots the body ] Mrs. Bosch?! Murdered?!

Dr. Bosch: Now, Officer, it's not what it looks like!

BC: Let me guess - the bear shot her.

Dr. Bosch: [ surprised at the guess ] Yes! That's what happened!

BC: I'm not falling for that AGAIN!

Dr. Bosch: Look! Movy saw what happened!

BC: You two are probably having an affair!

Movy: [ weeping ] No, we're not.. Dr. Bosch shot her.. and said he'd shoot me if I told anyone..

Dr. Bosch: She's lying! I swear! A TV-watching bear killed my wife!!

BC: Let's go, pal!

Dr. Bosch: Again! Twenty years of bear research, and I'm baffled!

[ BC drags Dr. Bosch out of the lab ]

Movy: [ opens bear cage ] Great job, Mr. Sticks! Your plan worked perfectly!

James Napier: [ removes bear head from costume ] Yes! The plan worked perfectly! I can't believe he thought I was a bear! I don't even look like a bear!

Movy: [ cackling with glee ] And now the Bosch fortune is ours!

James Napier: Fourteen years in a bear suit finally paid off!

Movy: James Napier, you're a genius!!

[ they both laugh viciously ]

[ fade ]
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