Kyle (kyl416) wrote in mutant_chat,

MC HAS WON! says (10:45 PM):
Kyle says (10:46 PM):
who's this says (10:46 PM):
jamies friend
dont block me
be a man. i want to talk
Kyle says (10:46 PM):
kind of busy working on a final essay, so I can't talk right now says (10:47 PM):
itll take 5 mins
i promise
Kyle says (10:47 PM):
Don't have time, sorry says (10:47 PM):
when will you be free?
Kyle says (10:47 PM):
No idea says (10:48 PM):
please, just make room for 5 mins or so
Kyle says (10:48 PM):
I'm not even fully involved with whatever is going on with Jaimie try someone else says (10:48 PM):
well i will tell you anyway
you win
jamie said he will quit the rangerfandom and that includes dinoboard says (10:49 PM):
but the address thing is really bothering him
you are human man, would your address posted on the net?
hes a human at the end of the day
Kyle says (10:49 PM):
That address thing wasn't even originally done by me says (10:49 PM):
yes i know
but i have been told you are the best to talk to
Kyle says (10:50 PM):
I'm not actually, lol
As I said, I'm not fully involved says (10:50 PM):
involved in what? what are they plannin to do?
Kyle says (10:50 PM):
I mean not involved in the whole address thing and the rivarly with Jamie says (10:50 PM):
you must see what they are doing isnt right. the net is a bit of fun, a laugh. this is going too far says (10:51 PM):
Ky L 417: Try this entry:
Ky L 417: 14 Oak Tree Crescent, Leeds, LS9, UK
Ky L 417: It looks like a decent neighborhood
richardstone15: weapons target 679
richardstone15: damnit, wrong window.

im just askin you. PLEASE call it off
you will never here from him again
Kyle says (10:51 PM):
That was out of context, they were trying to look up the address on Google Earth
One was having trouble entering it says (10:51 PM):
please try and ask and get his address removed from FP
Kyle says (10:52 PM):
We can't
The forum is unmoderated and posts can't be edited says (10:52 PM):
but you must see, this is too far. do you agree?
Kyle says (10:53 PM):
meh, I'll see what I could do says (10:53 PM):
i dont agree with a lot he has done on RB and wont defend him, but his address on a public forum? says (10:54 PM):
i wont lie to you. he is really upset, he darent come on the boards. whatever war he has with MC, he has lost
Ashlee says (10:55 PM):
but please, just think, how would you feel if it was your address on a public board where anyone can see it. he is messed up right now. this has really hurt him
Ashlee says (10:56 PM):
he told me today "MC have won. i arent messin with them no more"
Kyle says (10:56 PM):
k, I'll try to get them to stop
He promises to stop all that BS and leave though, right?
Ashlee says (10:56 PM):
he wont post on RB ever again
Kyle says (10:56 PM):
FB too?
Ashlee says (10:56 PM):
he is IP banned
Kyle says (10:57 PM):
Ashlee says (10:57 PM):
and thats another thing, if someone is posting on FB as "The Rock" it isnt him since he cant even view the site. thats the trouble when you dont need to register
Ashlee says (10:58 PM):
a lot of stuff has been posted on FB before as "The Rock" and it wasnt even him. he wasnt even at the PC at the time.
Ashlee says (10:59 PM):
hes a good person. he just doesnt know when to keep his mouth shut.
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